I have never been the strong writer in the family, I am always better at expressing myself through pictures. Thankfully my sister Jennifer is a beautiful writer and expressed my exact feelings for my Mom and Dad on their 40th Anniversary yesterday. Below is her wonderfully written ode to my parents, enjoy!

Today is my amazing and loving parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary. Yup, I wrote FORTIETH.

I love their wedding picture. It’s one of my favorite pictures of the two of them together. It may simply be because they’re so happy, and I love seeing my family happy. But it also represents to me their lifelong commitment that grew into the tight knit family that I’m so blessed to be a part of today.

I may call you guys fourteen times a day (this is me writing: she really does), often times with nothing substantial to say, but simply just so you know that I love you. Thank you for loving each other, and that love creating Christa and I. Thank you for being so generous with that love with the two of us. It’s a blessing that is never, not for one second, taken for granted. We promise always to be the loving and open-minded human beings that you brought us up to be. And perhaps one day share that love and make that same commitment to some lucky chap. Dad, don’t worry, you’ll always be number one.

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love you so much.

Your favorite daughter (yeah right!!!)


(Just kidding Christa. They love us both the same. But maybe me a little teensy weensy bit more.) (nope)

P.S. My mother made her dress, and her veil. She went on to sew me many beautiful garments, including my junior prom dress that no store bought gown could even compare to . Just one of the many more things that I’m grateful for. And if you can’t tell from this photo, my dad is REAL smart. Thanks for trying to tutor me in Calculus (for me it was algebra, and it was remember-able), papa, to no avail. At least Ms. Miller saw that I was trying and gave me an A anyways (I am pretty sure I passed). That’s a lesson in the rewards of work ethic that you so easily taught me. Thank you.

This is me writing: I love you Mom and Dad. I hope to find someone that makes me as happy as you both have made each other.