I just want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. I will be heading home for a couple days, looking forward to being with family and eating a lot. I will also be squeezing in some training runs in the desert. The best part about training is it runs right through the holidays so I don’t feel as guilty eating all those yummy carbs! 

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

{photo by me, that is home I will be seeing that view during my run}


As long as I could remember the cheese platter has been the staple in the DeFilippo household during Thanksgiving. When I was in San Francisco I picked up one of the best cheeses I have had in awhile. It was a cow’s milk cheese peppered with truffles! For the past few years now it has become my responsibility to up the cheeses for this platter. Since I like to pretend I know everything about cheese, I visited my local Wholefoods and was able to pick up a similar cheese (Sottocenere with Truffles from northern Italy). It looks and smells pretty similar, but I will be good and wait until Thursday. So if you are in the market for some cheeses for your platter I highly recommend picking this one up. It is a hard cheese, that is creamy and has that bite of truffles it is seriously the best. It is really universal too. I made a yummy grilled cheese sandwich with the leftovers, and even the cheese guy at Wholefoods told me he used this cheese in a quesadilla. 

{Photo by: Me}