Thank goodness for short weeks, I wish all weeks were like this. I never understood why we couldn’t adopt the 4-day workweek. This week was pretty fun, full of evening events and trying to enjoy the last weeks of summer. I am going to miss the summer nights in LA. I will be enjoying the last wine tasting of the season at Barnsdall tonight, so sad. I am also going to check out LACMA’s Expressionism in Germany, stay tubed. It’s a pretty packed weekend, no complaints here.

Have a lovely weekend!

{photo by me, from the Santa Monica pier during a lovely summer night}




This was the first weekend in awhile that I had a free moment to go out and play. Saturday was the last day of Pacific Standard Time at LACMA so I ventured over for some culture. I instantly became obsessed with the installation called Metropolis II. Maybe it was because it made me feel like a kid again, watching all the toy cars and trains whirl by, or the simple fact that it reminds me of sitting in traffic every week. 

{Photos by Me}