I have to admit I am in love with my crockpot. I got one for Christmas and after using it I wondered why I didn’t have one sooner. I seriously LOVE the idea of turning on that little cooker, leave for work and come home to cooked meal. It almost feels like having my own chef. If only it can clean my house too! 

I made this soup last night, and not only was it tasty, but my house smelled like ginger and curry. So if you are not a fan of your house smelling of curry I don’t recommend making this. I did make a couple alternations to the recipe I add a tablespoon of curry powder and by adding that it had a lot more curry flavor. I also used equal parts vegetable broth and water. I figured water has no flavor, why use only water, so I used 3-cups water and 3-cups vegetable broth. I also used the juice of one whole lemon, which gave it a bigger flavor.

If you don’t have a crockpot, go out and get one! They are pretty inexpensive, and it cooks your meal while you are away. How can you say no to that. Enjoy!

{photos by me, recipe via}