The other night I had my usual craving for tacos. Instead of making my crispy tofu tacos, I finally broke out my can of jackfruit. I really love jackfruit, it is so versatile and super easy to cook with. It has a very starchy, fibrous texture, and when cooked it separates and looks exactly like pulled pork. You can use this fruit in sloppy joe’s, soups, salads just about anything. It is a little hard to find, check out natural food stores.

I randomly found this recipe which was inspired by the carnitas from a great vegan restaurant in LA called Pure Luck (sadly it no longer exists). I tried it out, and boy oh boy was it good. I never cooked with jackfruit before, so I was a little intimidated. It is seriously the easiest and fastest thing to make. Next time I am going to make sloppy joe’s with my mom’s amazing barbecue sauce recipe. Stay tuned!

To accompany the carnitas I just made pico de gallo from one of my past recipes. Sliced up some avocado and baked up a sweet potato since I didn’t have any tortilla chips for some added crunch. Perfect weekday meal. Enjoy!

{photos by me}