For the past few weeks I have decided to ditch the recipes and start creating my own dishes. I have been pleasantly surprised with the results; I have a few creations I will be sharing in the coming weeks. 

For my first creation, I decided to make combine my favorite caprese salad with some quinoa. I treated the basil leaves as the lettuce, which gave it more texture. I am a big fan of quinoa in salads (I do eat that every single day for lunch) so it was a no brainer. Since I just eye ball when I cook, I did my best to figure out the measurements. I think next time I am going to make some yummy seasoned breadcrumbs for that added crunch.


  • Tomatoes, diced (depending on how much your making I figure one tomato per serving)
  • Basil 1 cup per serving 
  • Mozzarella ¼ cup per serving, cut into bit size pieces 
  • Anchovies for taste (optional), cut into small pieces
  • Quinoa 1 cup per serving
  • Fresh lemon juice 
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and fresh cracked pepper

Combine everything in a bowl toss and serve. Easy as pie! Enjoy

{photos by me}