For Mother’s Day my family and I checked out the Sunny Spot in Venice for a fantastic brunch. This place was so good, it has a Cuban flare and each dish is packed with flavor. We started with a yummy cocktail; all three had a great kick. My bloody Mary was perfectly spicy, Imperial Fizz was refreshing, and unfortunately I didn’t try Death in the D.R. because I am not a fan of black licorice, but I can trust my sister’s opinion. 

For the first course we ordered the plantains and the coffee cake. I am obsessed with these plantains they had a hint of lime that really balanced out the sweetness. The rum cream atop the coffee cake was amazing.

For my main dish I ordered the eggs Benedict and it was seriously the best dish I have had in awhile. The tomato salad was amazing; the croutons had a great seasoning. The cod cakes were crispy and light. 

For the final course we ordered the homemade caramels. They were also fantastic; I have a soft spot for salted caramel. I give it two thumbs up!!!

{photos by me}