For my last day in SF I wanted to try two spots and fortunately my friends have never been so it was a new experience for everyone. We headed over to the Red Door Cafe in Pacific Heights. I warn you, you have to wait in line for a few hours before you can be seated, the space is super small (there are only 6 tables), but it is so worth it. It is definitely an experience, the owner is very animated and chats with each person so be prepared. If he deems you worthy he will hand you a very interesting doll which is like your token for a seat. They are known for the french toast so of course I ordered it. I highly recommend coming here for the experience. 

My last stop on my food tour was Dynamo Donuts in the Mission. The space is really cute, the front looks like a food stand. I ordered the spiced chocolate donut and the passion fruit with chocolate they were both yummy. I also took some home for the coworkers and from what I hear the bacon maple apple donut was a big hit. 

{Photos by: Me}