On the final stretch of my east side home tours, I visited two homes in Echo Park. The first was Eels Nest, this home reminded me of an apartment in NY because of all the different levels.

 I loved the floating staircase and the large windows.

My favorite room in the house had to be the upper level. The entire level is covered in wood with great landscaping. I could see myself coming up here every night after working with a glass of wine.

The final home I visited was the Rosemont Residence. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures inside, which was a shame because they showed great use of refurbished wood from the old home that was on the property. I loved their kitchen, it was open and the counter tops were cement (which I would love to have in my kitchen). They used the refurbished wood on one of their kitchen counters, and the shelving of their entertainment center. I also loved that they have a wood fire stove in the yard, I need that!

I really enjoyed seeing inside these beautiful homes, it definitely gave me the bug to buy something of my own. Until next year. 

{photos by me}