Chocolate + Peanut butter = AWESOME!

Last weekend two of my favorite people had a housewarming/belated birthday party. For every party I am the go-to person for supplying the sweet treats, so this party was no exception. They both are vegan and because of them I started researching and baking all of my sweets completely vegan. My usual dessert is either a cake or cupcakes, but this time I decided to switch it up. I baked vegan peanut butter cookies and sandwiched between these cookies was vegan chocolate butter cream frosting. Usually I don’t eat what I bake, but I had to taste it just to make sure it didn’t taste crazy. To my surprised it was sweet, salty and straight up awesome.

When word spread at the party that these cookies were being prepared, a line started to form. I felt the added pressure (this is what it must feel like to be on one of those cooking competitions) I felt like I needed a bodyguard to keep the excited crowd at bay. Once everyone got their much anticipated sandwich cookie there was sudden moment of silence that suddenly turned into waves of yum, oh man and I cannot believe these are vegan. So I think with that rave review I will be adding these to my rotation of sweet treats.

(Photos by: Jennifer}