Thank goodness for short weeks, I wish all weeks were like this. I never understood why we couldn’t adopt the 4-day workweek. This week was pretty fun, full of evening events and trying to enjoy the last weeks of summer. I am going to miss the summer nights in LA. I will be enjoying the last wine tasting of the season at Barnsdall tonight, so sad. I am also going to check out LACMA’s Expressionism in Germany, stay tubed. It’s a pretty packed weekend, no complaints here.

Have a lovely weekend!

{photo by me, from the Santa Monica pier during a lovely summer night}


I think today is Valentine’s Day? I may not be a complete fan of V-day, but I sure do enjoy seeing people walking around with flowers and balloons. There seems to be more love and happiness in the air. I think it should feel like this everyday. 

Have a lovely weekend, and happy V-day

{graphic by me}



I will be taking some much needed time off during the holiday. I am taking the time to recharge and get some inspiration. I have a couple mini trips planned, festive parties to partake in and some how manage to squeeze in my training runs, yikes! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a lovely new year! See you in 2014!

{graphic by me}


photo mandela.png

Since Nelson Mandela’s passing last week I have seen so many incredible quotes. I had a hard time picking just one, but this one in particular really struck a cord. This should be my motto for next year! RIP Mr. Mandela.


I just want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. I will be heading home for a couple days, looking forward to being with family and eating a lot. I will also be squeezing in some training runs in the desert. The best part about training is it runs right through the holidays so I don’t feel as guilty eating all those yummy carbs! 

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

{photo by me, that is home I will be seeing that view during my run}



November is my all time favorite month because of Movember. I posted about my love for Movember last year, and I am happy to see an even bigger wave of bearded men this year. I do love a man with a beard so you can see why I love November. In all seriousness, Movember is a way to raise awareness for men’s health. So men grow those beards!

I also love these prints from Dave Mead; I did a post about him years ago. Still to this day I love his photographs, I seriously need to purchase one but which one do I chose? 

{image via}


For a while now I have been thinking about new things to post, and I thought it would be nice to do a month in review. It is nice to look back on the month and see what I have shared; sometimes I forget what was going on that month. So with that said here is the first month in review for October. October tends to always be the busiest month filled with birthdays and of course Halloween. Here are some of my favorite October posts. 

Summer concert recap, I sure was busy over the summer.


Lovely fall soup, easy and really tasty.


Sharing some of my tumblr inspiration


Celebrating my birthday at the Magic Castle, I will never forget that birthday!


The music post that stands out is my dedication to Lou Reed. So sad that we lost such a genius. 


Looking forward to November, it is already shaping up to be a good one!


I am off to San Francisco, and ready to be surrounded by music for the next three days. I am also happy to catch up with some friends while I am up there. Stay tuned next week for my standout moments, and if you cannot wait make sure to follow me on instagram

Have a lovely weekend!

{love this series of cloud photos}



I am extremely sadden by the horrific events yesterday in Boston. My heart goes out to everyone. I came across this amazing quote from Mr. Rogers yesterday. It is so moving, beautiful and simply put. We all need to be helpers! 



For the past few months I have been thinking about my life; am I living it to the fullest, am I taking it for granted. It seems a lot of people have those same thoughts. When I came across this quote it really stuck with me. I think everyone needs to live by Mr. Hemingway’s thought.