An Evening with Hitrecord

Last night I was treated to an early birthday present from my awesome friend. We had the opportunity to share the evening with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I have a teeny tiny crush on) at the Orpheum Theatre. He created this collaborative production company called HitRECord, where people can post videos, drawings, music, dialog, drawings and so much more to his website. Once posted people can pull elements from a piece and add whatever they want to create something completely new, taken from his site “this website is where we make things together,” and that was what the evening was all about. There were some surprise celebrity appearances reenacting writings from the site. Sia even performed some music written by a contributor. Everyone in the audience recorded every moment and was encouraged to post these recordings to the site. It was a fun evening, the concept was great so maybe I will have to sign up and start recording.

{Photos by: Me}